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Will Chiropractic Help My Arthritis?

Yes! And here’s why:

Cartilage is a unique tissue. Unlike muscles and bones, cartilage has no direct blood supply. The only way cartilage gets any significant nutrients is from a mechanical, washing over, of joint fluid. The best way for this to occur is via motion and joint movement. This is why exercise is so important for joint health and thus, arthritis. Using the joint my hurt but not using it decreases nutrient supply and perpetuates the vicious cycle.

Chiropractic is a healthcare field that concentrates on restoring joint motion. If an area in your spine (or any other joint) is restricted and not moving through a full range of motion it is not receiving the nutrients it needs. This area is more likely to become arthritic and continued neglect just worsens the problem. Taking Advil or another form of anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) can be helpful for the inflammation and the pain but its not getting to the root of the problem. Taking medication as your sole form of treatment is like disconnecting the red line on the dashboard of your car when the red oil light comes on. Your treating the symptom not the problem.

Most people equate chiropractic with the spine but we treat all the joint of the body. In fact 25% of my own practice is non-spinal in nature, i.e. – hips, knees, shoulders, etc.

Chiropractic manipulation combined with nutrition, exercise and the proper dietary supplements can greatly decrease symptoms, slow the breakdown process of cartilage and increase your mobility and quality of life.